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Jameh Mosque of Yazd is like an Iwan in the desert and was built over 100 years ago in three periods. The main foundations of the mosque were built in Sassanid era and in terms of architectural style, the current building of the mosque is considered to belong to two periods known as Azari. Dome belongs to Ilkhani era and high façade of mosque to time of Shahrukh and the Timurid period. The building is famous for the dome, high and long entrance facade and beautiful and unique tiling. The large mosque with two tall and unique minarets every year attracts a lot of tourists from around the world.

The artistic and architectural privileges of this mosque are the strength and stability of exquisite azure Tile. Under the dome of the mosque there is a part called Tabestaneh (summer room), this refrigerating room has latticed brick windows and an altar with beautiful tile work is located this tabestaneh. Interestingly, people believe that soil of tiles and all the materials are brought from Karbala and in process of construction rose water was used instead of water.

Shabistan (sanctuary chamber) of mosque has two parts, one part is used in winter and the other one in spring and autumn. Latticed doors of autumn shabistan is adorned with colored glass. Tall and beautiful portal’s façade with 24 meters’ high is another unique feature of the mosque. Architectural style of Iwan attracts viewers’ attention and the narrow arches on two sides of vault or arched opening and two beautiful minarets top of the iwan are some of other characteristics of the Jameh Mosque of Yazd. Most noble art of iranian architecture is manifested in plastering, shabistan, courtyard, dome, tile work and its highly raised minarets.

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