Verham Atashkadeh ، Yazd , Yazd

  • Verham Atashkadeh

Yazd Verham Atashkadeh (temple) was built in 1313 with the association of the yazd zoroastrians and parsis of India. The building is located in a green yard and a round pond is added to its beauty. Fire is in a higher place than the hall and prayer rooms has been designed next to it. The burning fire in the temple, 1515 years ago has been brought from the temple of Nahid of Pars to the temple of the Haftadar village. From there, the fire was transferred to the Tork Abadi village and after thirty years of keeping it in Eshkoft Yazdan cave finally has been brought to Yazd and after finishing building the fire temple it has been moved there. So far, the fire has not been extinguished. The beautiful carvings of temple have been made in Isfahan and then was transferred to Yazd. Zoroastrians use this center during festivals and religious ceremonies, meetings, and lectures.

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