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Tower of silence: at 15 kilometers southeast of Yazd around the Safaieh region, on top of a sedimentary and low mountain called Mount Dakhme, there are two circular tower-like stone building with a hollow space which are known as the Dakhme or Zoroastrian court. The tower of silence is where the Zoroastrians according to their religious rituals, put their dead there but since they started to bury them in the cemetery the tower became abandoned. Most of the dakhmes are located in Yazd because so many Zoroastrians lived in this city. It is been over than thirty years that the old dakhme of Yazd is no longer in use. The Zoroastrian Association is responsible for them. Until a few decades ago, the Zoroastrians in accordance with their principles, culture and rituals put their dead on it performing a special rite. There is a well in the middle of dakhme known as Stoudan, bones left from the bodies were put inside that. In fact, these dakhmes were like a cemetery used so many times.

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